Apr 11

Bank Transfers: expert guidance to economize transactions

The transfer is the movement of money from one bank account to another without having to take it in cash. In the event that the motion is made between a single bank transfer will be called . To avoid the collection of fees is recommended to perform the transfer via online banking .

bank Transfer

It is the movement of money from one bank account to another without the need to cash out the money. The transfer can be made between accounts of the same or different persons or entities, and between one bank and also between different banks even different countries .

If the accounts are the same bank transfer movement is called and no commission charged to the client. However, in some cases commission continues to take the branch to be located in a country other than the issuer or neighborhood the transfer .

It is not necessary to know the account number to issue the transfer , since the financial institution itself through the name of the holder may seek their associated accounts , in this case, the bank may charge additional fees .

To facilitate this payment between banks using bank identification codes , the most used SWIFT and IBAN issued by the European Committee for Banking Standards .
economize transactions

The preferred method , convenient and effective for transfers to zero commission , is emitting it through virtual banking offered by the financial institution .

Thus, as for example in the case of Cajamar , transfers may be made to any bank , any time and day and in any amount without any commission added . This is coupled with the convenience of not having to go to the physical location of the bank.

The way to perform these transfers are usually via a primer using passwords or codes for each transfer restarted sent to mobile telephone number added to the database.